Readings for Session Two Announced

While this week is actually between Sessions One and Two (Session Two begins on February 9) we know how eager you all are to get into the discussions of business models - so we have pre-released the four readings for Session Two early so you can jump-start your thinking! 

Session Two will rely more heavily on discussion early in the week to tease out the essential functions of the modern university - and begin our thinking about just which function are under stress and most likely to be different in 2030.  Enjoy your reading - and we'll be 'talking' with you next week!

Hire Education: Mastery, Modularization and the Workforce Revolution (Weise & Christensen, 2014)

Beyond the Inflection Point: Reimagining Business Models for Higher Education (ACE/CEAI, 2014)

Reimagining Higher Education: How Colleges, Universities, Businesses and Governments can Prepare for the New Age of Lifelong Learning (Deloitte University Press, 2014)

The Periodic Table of Budget Model Elements (Education Advisory Board, 2014)