What the Crowd Thinks about Student Services and Pressure to Change

In Session Two the Crowd looked at the pressure to change 15 different Student Services in 2015 and 2030 - and then ranked the pressure to change in 2030 by each scenario.  Looking at these

The Perfect Storm is Here!

In chapter three of "Hire Education" Weise and Christensen declare that " with costs spiraling out of control, the gap widening between the academy and the workforce, and existing institutions incapable of reforming their inefficient business models, online competency-based providers are now stepping into the void."

Last Chance to Inform the Future!

As our Exploration of the Beyond draws to a close...we are offering one final opportunity at input into the types of learning and revenue models we will see more (and less) of in 2030.

Feeling the Pressure? So are Students and Faculty!

The pressure on colleges to change the types of services they provide for STUDENTS and for 

What Session Two is All About:

This week we begin our look into higher education business models for 2030. Our work in Session One took an initial look at business models for four possible futures. In Session Two, we will delve more deeply by exploring individual elements that comprise higher education from the perspective of students and faculty. We need to understand the pressures on these services and functions, and how the need for change might inform the development of responsive business models.

Session TWO is OPEN!

Explore the Beyond Session Two materials, readings and discussion questions are up this morning and ready for your deep thought.  We will be posting the surveys to get your input into the academic functions that are under greatest stress today - and how they will be different across the four fu

Readings for Session Two Announced

While this week is actually between Sessions One and Two (Session Two begins on February 9) we know how eager you all are to get into the discussions of business models - so we have pre-released the four readings for Session Two early so you can jump-start your thinking! 

Session Two will rely more heavily on discussion early in the week to tease out the essential functions of the modern university - and begin our thinking about just which function are under stress and most likely to be different in 2030.  Enjoy your reading - and we'll be 'talking' with you next week!

Completion Competition Rages On

As of this morning Sara Selbe has been joined by four additional 100% completers from the Crowd!  Patricia Spurlock, LaVerne McLaughlin, Brandi Johnson and Michelle Barsom have also completed reviewing and respond to all four scenarios!

It is Time to Explore the Beyond

Welcome to Session One...

This week the Crowd is called upon to read and respond to the four USG 2030 Scenarios.  In your responses you will be asked to identify the factors critical to the success of higher education across the United States -- and its stakeholders over the next 15 years.

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