The Beyond

Crowdsourcing the Future of Learning

This online collaboration was open to anyone who attends, works in or works with higher education in the United States. The “Invent the Beyond” MOOC began September 14, and concluded on November 30, 2014. The massive online collabora'tion used crowd-sourcing to develop future scenarios that will frame our further discussions of the future of higher education. Resources and materials from Inventing the Beyond can be found here. The “Explore the Beyond” online collaboration uses crowd-sourcing and future scenarios developed in the “Invent the Beyond” course to explore and describe the factors critical to the success of student, faculty and postsecondary institutions in 2030. 

Summaries and responses to the scenarios that emerged from this process are available here.

Inventing the Beyond

Through successive interactive and discursive sessions participants identified and quantified the critical success factors and potential new business models in play for higher education stakeholders. The entire University System of Georgia and all other academic systems, institutions and stakeholders across the United States and globally were invited to co-author the future through the “Invent the Beyond” Open Online Collaboration.

Exploring the Beyond

The “Explore the Beyond” sessions has participants establishing and exploring how three stakeholder groups – students, faculty and institutions – would fare, what factors would be critical to the success of those communities, in the previously identified scenarios. The final session recaps and consolidates the learnings and implications of the complete process to Invent the Beyond resulting in a set of critical success factors and a framework for informing institutions and individuals as they build their future plans.