Inventing The Beyond

Exploring the Future of Learning in 2030

Crowdsourcing the Future

The entire University System of Georgia and all other academic systems, institutions and stakeholders across the United States and globally are invited to co-author the future through the “Invent the Beyond” Open Online Collaboration .

Join the University System of Georgia as we lead two Multi-stakeholder Online Collaborations that will use crowd-sourcing to “Invent the Future of Learning in 2030.” This fall, the “Invent the Beyond” Collaboration will identify the driving forces and critical uncertainties likely to impact higher education over the next fifteen years and, with the input from every participant, craft several possible pictures of the future in scenarios. In the spring, the “Explore the Beyond” will examine and identify the factors critical to the success of students, faculty and institutions in those scenarios for 2030.

The resulting expertly led and widely crowd-sourced framework will provide participants with a model and materials that they can use to conduct and envision even more detailed scenarios specific to their needs and situations.