Crowdsourcing the Future of Learning

New Learning Models - the road ahead

Turbulent Change...

Higher education is in the midst of turbulent change. An academic culture steeped in reflection and teaching is being disrupted and reconstructed into a globally connected ecosystem of networked, 24X7X365 learning. Roles and paradigms held dear and true are challenged – as they were in healthcare, journalism and the music industry. The rate of change, and unpredictable and unrelenting emergence of new models – furious and increasing continuously – makes planning and preparing for the future even more conflicted, confusing – and critical.

Because ‘new models’ means new methods of learning – the System is producing a mash-up of a MOOC and a scenario-based planning model to engage internal and external postsecondary education audiences in the rethinking of new higher education business models for public systems and institutions.

Headlines from the Future

Click here to view headlines from the future of learning, crowdsourced by the participants of the Inventing the Beyond MOOC.